Imagination als
heilsame Kraft
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PITT (Psychodynamic imaginative trauma therapy)

was developed by Dr Luise Reddemann for the treatment of complex post-traumatic stress disorders and has been further developed over decades. It has been clinically proven in the treatment of complex post-traumatic stress disorders (DESNOS), dissociative disorders and personality disorders.


PITT is considered as a form of applied psychoanalysis which makes use of the "ego-state approach" of Federn and Watkins.


The therapeutic approach is based on a phenomenological point of view, is related to the dignity principle of Kant and most recently Peter Bieri and principles of Buddhist ethics (mindfulness and compassion).

The key element is the concept of an "intact inner center" and, derived from this, the necessity for the support of self-regulating processes and therefore resilience and resource orientation. At the heart of the therapeutic work are compassion-based interventions.